The ORIGINAL TableTot™ Company is owned and operated by a busy mom, for other moms (and dads) with babies on the go! Every TableTot™ is individually handcrafted with you and your baby's lifestyle in mind.

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"We had five babies in six years! Our TableTot
is in constant use at restaurants, PTA meetings,
the library, on vacation and visiting friends and
relatives. We wouldn't be without it."
Justine, Mom of 5
Cleveland, OH

"We have four grandbabies and only one high chair.
TableTot solves the problem when they all come to visit."
Joanne, Grandma of 4
Moorhead, MN

"We like that TableTot gives us a 'cleaner option'
when we use it on regular high chairs in public places."
Julie, Mom of 2
Clear Lake, SD

"Even though our children are now grown, we
keep the original TableTot handy (in the kitchen
drawer), always ready for 'little company.'"
Cindy, Grandma of 2
Lincoln, NE

"I keep TableTot in the diaper bag so it can go with
me everywhere. It's been used with both of my babies
and still looks as good as new!"
Brenda, Mom of 2
Omaha, NE

"TableTot is a must for urban babies. It's
portable, easy to use, and travels with me daily."
Diane, Mom of 2
New York, NY

"TableTot is so practical and simple to use. It gives
me an 'extra lap'"
Debbie, Mom of 3
Minneapolis, MN

"I love my TableTot--it's the best baby shower gift ever!"
Nancy, Mom of 2
Milwaukee, WI